24. September 2009


New sexy template

Sorry we been neglecting this Thailand BDSM blog for a while I had other things to do but now I will stop posting videos.

I will come back soon with some real post and if you have any stories you like to tell or new clubs that open in Thailand please let us know.

As you can see we changed the template and added some new graphics we think it look better now don’t you?

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BDSM in Switzerland

Thu, Aug 16, 2012


Bondage Thailand

Many Thai ladies and ladyboys work in the Switzerland BDSM sex industry after they come to Switzerland. Maybe they got dumped by their boyfriend or the boyfriend just wanted to use to for making money. You have many diffrent Mistresses online on sex sites in Switzerland.

Indeed, their popularity among Swiss men is much easier to explain: While they may not be the greatest beauties in Asia, their exotic looks make Thai ladies naturally attractive for local Europeans and their Asian features make them seem younger and more feminine that their local counterparts, sometimes almost doll-like. And for those who prefer the best of both sexes, no European transsexual (or lady) can mach the seductive femininity of an authentic Thai kathoey. Certainly the increasing number of Thai ladyboys advertising on Swiss sex sites shows a clear demand for their services.

On online sex directory they show over 50 ladies and ladyboys for Thailand offering their bodies for sale in Switzerland for a variety of pleasure, from a „traditional soapy massage“ to „girlfriend sex“ and even sadomasochistic torture. Overall, however, Thai Dominatrices are rare, compared to their vanilla counterparts, who seem keen to market themselves based on the traditional stereotype of the submissive, ever-smiling Asian girl who never tires of pleasing her man in any way she can.

Yes, the growing number of Thai faces certainly adds colour and beauty to the Swiss street. But the stereotypes that sexworkers give to Thai women in general are hard to break down. How many men see beyond the meat of their pleasure to see the person behind the prostitute or dancer, how many ever try to explore not just her body but also her personality and cultural heritage. Whether we accept or disapprove of prostitution, there is a story behind every women.

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Thailand Gang Bang Girl

Wed, Jun 2, 2010


Thai Asian girl want to get gang banged well that’s her own words not mine.

“Hi am sweet young looking Asian girl, married but am also working freelance. Currently in Thailand, however I will be returning to UK soon and will be working there for up to 3 years.

Am looking for all types of man to meet within my work (have husbands approval) also willing to do group parties of between 4-6 (all back, mixed and all white)”

Height:   157-160 cm Body Type:   Slim/Petite Smoking:   I’m a light/social smoker Drinking:   I’m a light/social drinker Drugs:   I use some recreational drugs Education:   High School graduate Race:   Asian Sexual Orientation:   Bi-curious Speaks:   English, Thai Hair Color:   Black Hair Length :   Short Eye Color :   Black Glasses or Contacts :   None

Get in contact with Gang Bang Girl

Thai gang Bangk Girl

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Thai Girl Nudist

Fri, May 21, 2010


This older Thai girl lives in North Thailand and she want to find someone that can spank her nice big breast. She have good education but still is a bit naughty, take a trip up to north Thailand and show her who is boss.

Height:   162-165 cm Body Type:   Average Smoking:   I’m a non-smoker Drinking:   I’m a light/social drinker Drugs:   I don’t use drugs Education:   BA/BS (4 years college) Race:   Asian Sexual Orientation:   Straight Speaks:   English, Thai Hair Color:   Brown Eye Color :   Black Glasses or Contacts :   Contacts

Thai girl from North Thailand

Contact Nude Girl

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Touch This Girl in Thailand

Mon, May 10, 2010


It is always fun with members who have gold memberships because you know they are real and are seriously looking for some fun. Touch girl really got a nice bum and you want to work on it all the time.

She lives in Bangkok and here is some other faces about her and a great nice photo

26 year old Woman in Bangkok, Thailand, Thailand Looking For: Men, Women or Couples (man and woman) for erotic email exchange, Phone fantasies or active participation

I am good looking,slim & petite,fun & sexy

Looking for a girlfriend & lover.Shopping,coffee,clubbing & friendship.

I am shy & submissive & like to learn girl/girl thing

But she say she is looking for men as well so go ahead and make her day

Thai girl want to be touched

Touch this Thai girl

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A Female Thai Pierced Slave in Pattaya

Wed, May 5, 2010


A pierced slave is looking for a white Mistress or Master in Pattaya. Apperntlty she already have a Master but he want her to be with other people. She says

“I have joined alt looking for fun with dominant westerners. i am married to a dominant australian who is perfect for me but is not around enough here. please help me he is very generous with letting men and especially women use me.”

Some facts about pierced slave girl

Height:   <152 cm Body Type:   Average Smoking:   I’m a light/social smoker Drinking:   I’m a light/social drinker Drugs:   I use some recreational drugs Education:   Some high school Race:   Asian Sexual Orientation:   Bi-Sexual Speaks:   English Hair Color:   Black Hair Length :   Long Eye Color :   Brown Glasses or Contacts :   None

And she is off course very horny, click here to see Pierced Girl profile

pierced thai slave

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Fetish Party Halloween Pictures

Sat, Dec 26, 2009


We got a user send us some Fetish Party Halloween Pictures.

Happy Holidays!

Notorious is a cliché we can avoid, we all know where we are when we can hear the buzz of Patpong in the background, the secretive opening hints at what is to come. The ascent is full of pictorial promise, tastefully shot girls in restraint, action, play. as we walk in the darkness embraces us, shadows thrown at us by cages and whipping stools prod and push us towards the centre of attention. the sound is electro, gothic. The air is thick and acrid, the eyes still struggle to peer through the smoke, until they are arrested the smack of blonde being paraded towards the Crux decussata, and incarcerated by the determined look on the face of the Masked Man. The room is gripped by the proceedings as tightly as she is by her shackles, the trepidation on her face is cast acerbically by the flaming wax in her hand, the third candle spitting menacingly at her pussy. The tingling begins, for her and for us as he slowly warms her up to her punishment, slowly building the force and the pressure until we reach the clichéd crescendo; brutal whacks of the whip that make my own skin wince. For her this is all a prequel; as she is led away to a dark sequestered world to be worked on by a gang of professional nymphs; their shadows and moans punctuating the rest of the evening…

Back to the DJ, pumping out baneful bliss he has a ringside seat of what turns out to be the star of the show, the Party Maker. Ensconcing himself in his awkward looking triple-ringed cockwear is a cumbersome affair, hardly the ultimate precursor to excitement, but things change rapidly as wrists are bound to the cage. His stocky frame is slowly subdued by a trio of minxes, who’s enthusiasm warms in tandem with the skin on his buttocks. This guy takes a lot, most eye-catching is the harsh treatment of his genitals as Foxy Minx #1, clad in aggressively tight black Lycra, brandishes her nail-spiked leather glove. Pulling no punches, she unceremoniously scarifies him (I didn’t know there were nails in it…) while his back is embellished with dripping wax; his nipples yanked by clamps – courtesy of Foxy Minxes 2 and 3. This raises the bar for the evening and things level out into random play and curiosity. As the excitement of the private party subsides, the professionals’ competitiveness dulls and they reclaim their space. The road to the toilets is paved with debauchery, and while the smack of blonde is barely visible in the darkness beyond the hanging beads, the sound of her agony and ecstasy is hard to miss, incited by no less than 5 nymphs in a savage tryst. Time for my departure from the darkness down to the depths outside, and all the broken promise it contains.

Thai Mistress

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December Fetish Party in Bangkok

Fri, Dec 18, 2009


Dom Sub Switch or Voyeur here is your chance to play.
Dj Spike is hosting this party with the hospitality of The Bar Bar S&M Club and staff. If you buy a presale ticket you get basically 50% discount on entrance and drinks. Presale cost 450b male 300b female includes 1 drink.
Expect good dark ambient dungeon and subculture music.

To buy a ticket:
Reply this email and get get a ticket from me or
tickets can be bought at Bar Bar prior to the day of the Event otherwise entrance cost is as usual for non members 900b.

spike batz gothicbangkok AT yahoo dot com

If you going please send us pictures that you can publish we love to show the world that Bangkok have a fetish scene as well :)

Fetish Party Bangkok

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Slave in Bangkok for a day

Sat, Nov 14, 2009


I was on trial for a Mistress yesterday and she decided to use me as a cleaner the entire day. I met the Thai Mistress in her Bangkok Apartment. She did not dress and a Mistress but she had the appearance of a dominant women. First I had to undress naked and she let me have one her underwear so I looked like a real sissy walking around the apartment. She made med tuck back my penis way back and it was really painful. I had to take down her washings, fold them and put them back in the closet. After that I swept the entire place and washed the floor with water and soap. Then I began scrubbing the toilet and when I was almost finished the new Mistress came to pee. She sat down on the toilet seat and before she was finished she left some golden showers on the seat.

-“For you slave, enjoy licking it”

Luckily for me the toilet was almost clean now and I start licking her golden nectar from the toilet seat.
After the bath room it was time for kitchen to be cleaned but before I had the time to start the Mistress called me to the bathroom.

-“Slave I got my period and I want to share the same feeling with you.”

I thought she wanted me to do something with her period but instead she took out my penis and start stroking it. I was standing in front of the Mistress naked and she kept whisper stuff in my ear and it did not take long before I could feel I would cum.

She told me to hold it and took a pad and put in front of me and asked me to cum on it and it did not take me long to unload on the pad.

When I was totally empty and the last drop was on the pad she took down my panties and put the wet pad on them. She then took my penis folded it back and said.

-“Now you know how it feels to be a woman with period. I send you home now but you will sleep with the pad and you can my panties as gift. If i need you i will call you again, bye. She closed the door and i left her place like a new man (woman).

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